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My name is Tom Gucciardi.  This is good information for every American to focus on.  The last thing any of us want is money stress.  Credit card bills out of control.  To high of a mortgage.  We all want to live the American dream.  It all starts after High School .

Thomas Gucciardi presents:

The three phases of your financial life are the accumulation phase, preservation phase, and distribution phase. Your entire work life is typically spent in the accumulation phase which directly impacts the beginning of the preservation phase and can significantly impact the outcome of your distribution phase as you move into retirement. This is why it has become more important than ever to ensure that you are making the right choices throughout these three stages.
The Accumulation Phase-Thomas Gucciardi
Save, save, save. Beginning with your very first job and continuing throughout your entire working life, the accumulation phase consists of all the saving you have done during that time. Start with a small amount of weekly money aside.  Even if it is only $20.00.  Start an account with a financial institution you can trust, that has low risk. Call Tom Gucciardi at 954-804-4381 for ideas.  I like Fixed Indexed Annuities.  They are issued by Insurance Companies only.  Hence the word insurance.  Your principle is guaranteed.
The accumulation phase is the longest phase for most, and it includes all the blood, sweat, and tears you shed while working late nights, missing out on family events, or working long days and overtime. Think about every job you have ever had; what you save or could have saved throughout this phase adds up as fast as time goes by. Not to mention how much of an impact all that saving will have on the road ahead. The guarantees of a Fixed Indexed Annuity will give you peace of mind that your money will be there when you retire.
If you simply save $100 a month, after one year your up to $1,200. Do that for 30 years, you’re up to $36,000. Plus growth ! Depending on the method you use when saving and if you take advantage of percentage returns that come with 401k plans, or other retirement accounts, that number could potentially skyrocket to upwards of $90,000 to $100,000 depending on the type of account. The earlier the better, but it is never too late to start. How much you save during this time directly affects your preservation phase and the options you might have as you close in on retirement.
The Preservation Phase-Tom Gucciardi
This phase consists of everything you do when you begin to prepare and transition from your work life into retirement. You can think of this as the clock winding down on a sporting event. In the beginning of the game, teams make risky moves and do what they can to get ahead as the game plays on. The preservation phase is the portion of the game, when the clock is counting down on the final minutes of play. Teams stop with risky plays and only make smart, precise decisions that can ultimately affect the outcome of the game, or in this case, your upcoming retirement.
While in this phase, you will want to regularly evaluate your financial plan to ensure that it aligns with your retirement goals. Guaranteed Income for Life. The lower the risk, the better in my 30 plus years of experience. Don't have your life savings wiped out by being greedy.  Your retirement portfolio is evolving, do what you can to help ensure its evolution is for the better while assessing your risk tolerance and preserving what you have worked so hard for.  Call Thomas Gucciardi at 954-804-4381 for assistance.

The Distribution Phase-Tom Gucciardi
The time for retirement has arrived. Your working days are over, and you no longer can depend upon that weekly or bi-weekly paycheck.  At this time your Fixed Indexed Annuity with all of its guarantees is perfect.  You have now entered the distribution phase and how you choose to distribute your money can often have a lasting effect on how long it lasts. Researching and investing in the right financial products as well as speaking to a Insurance advisor like myself, Thomas Gucciardi,  can help you create a plan to best fit in line with your goals. Often times choosing the right products can help ensure that you receive the most income from your assets without significantly reducing your principal. It is suggested that the income received during retirement is divided into two main categories, “paycheck” and “play-check.” The purpose is to ensure that your expenses are covered every month without the added stress of setting aside part of your income for expenditures. For most, retirement incomes are typically lower than your previously earned weekly paycheck. Which is why, it is recommended to do a trial run of your monthly spending with a fixed budget at your expected retirement income. 
Get Guaranteed Life Income is my Advice.

Thomas Gucciardi

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Tom Gucciardi - Annuity and Life Insurance planning. Simply put.

Annuity and Life Insurance knowledge is needed in Estate Planning

I, Tom Gucciardi, the Founder of Global Financial Group will give you tips to save your Estate and live with a lifetime income. In simple terms.

1. An Annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company.  The same way a CD is a contract between you and a bank.  In today's modern times, Annuities allow to take Income “For Life” even when the Principle is gone you will still get income for life.  Call Thomas Gucciardi at 954-804-4381 to discuss this.

2. Life insurance in my option, is the best way to leave a tax-free legacy to your family.  Humans have a 100% guarantee that we will die.  Life Insurance leaves your children tax free benefits.  Why leave a CD valued at $100,000 to a child, when you can leave a much larger amount? Tax free!  Most people do not like to think of dying or what happens afterwards.  I have seen many nightmares when family members fight over the estate.  The time to plan is now.
Call Tom Gucciardi at 954-804-4381 for more information.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tax Free Life Insurance Is Common Sense, Thomas Gucciardi Global Financial Group

Thomas Gucciardi, Founder Global Financial Group

The one bet we can all count on is death. OK, I Thomas Gucciardi said it. Most of us have family’s or beneficiaries. Why would any American citizen not buy Life Insurance? The answer is usually “I do not care about my beneficiaries” or “I have enough money left for my children” The bottom line is the IRS is real. Life Insurance is the best way to leave tax free money to your loved ones. I, Thomas Gucciardi stand by this financial planning method.

I, Thomas Gucciardi, will coach you on what type of contract best suits you. It will depend on your age, health and finances. Life Insurance is available until you are in your late eighties. 

I will make sure you are insured with one of top rated insurance companies in the USA.

Single Premium Life contracts is a common way for a person to never have to think about a premium payment again.

Thomas Gucciardi, Founder Global Financial Group
Call 954-804-4381

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Thomas Gucciardi Global Financial Group Company Creed


The Global Financial Group core beliefs will impress upon its agents, employees and customers, honesty and fairness in all of its business dealings.

We offer our clients competence, diligence, and good judgment.

We utilize compliant marketing material from the carriers we represent as well as the State we are conducting business within.

We will only conduct business that benefits our clientele.

We will continually show respect to customers, fellow agents & employees.

We will utilize fair marketing practices with the intention of educating our clientele.

We understand and agree that a personalized and caring nature towards our clientele is the first responsibility we have to our clientele. We will service our clientele to the best of our ability.

We offer fairness, integrity and civility as etiquette for correct business and personal relationships.

We will strive to make our personal lives and business activities an example for others to emulate and a source of pride for our families and community.

We hold all individuals' rights to self-determination, privacy and personal dignity to be authentic.

We believe ethical behavior is a matter of spirit and intent as well as a matter of law.

We believe honesty and integrity is characterized by open and truthful communication.

These principles shall be the guiding light for all.

Thomas Gucciardi, Founder Global Financial Group

Global Financial Group Income For Life - Tax Free To Children Thomas Gucciardi

Global Financial Group, Founder Thomas Gucciardi

Thomas Gucciardi has been a strong advocate for having “Income For Life.” Most of my clientele have saved responsibly all their life. The problem I see is when it comes time in which your income stops, and retirement sets in. Now it is to late to plan. Plan early so you never have to “worry” about money. I, Thomas Gucciardi am saying straight out that retirement calculators you find online, are most likely not suited for you.

The professional plan for you is a customized plan for you and your exact needs. How much of a legacy do you want to leave to your beneficiaries, tax free? How much money do you want monthly for life?

I, Thomas Gucciardi have spent the past 25 plus years as the owner, employer and leader of people. Giving guidance to clientele with the level of integrity. The experience and expertise that you will receive is only done in person. Like the old days.

The two key messages here are:
1. Have an income that you can depend on for life
2. Leave a massive legacy to your children, tax free.

At some point in your life the question will arise, “How much money do I need to retire?” You can either seek help from Thomas Gucciardi, get a free in-home consultation, or hopefully find someone trustworthy as me, Thomas Gucciardi, Founder.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Top 5 Benefits Of A Fixed Indexed Annuity, Global Financial Group Thomas Gucciardi

My name is Thomas Gucciardi.  I would like to simplify the main reasons to own a Fixed Indexed Annuity.

1. Hence the word "Fixed"  The insurance will insure your principle is safe as long as you keep the funds with them for the contract length.
2. The word "indexed" simply means you can participate in market related growth according to the terms of your contract.  The gains credited will be locked in each contract year.
3. The growth is "tax deferred" so you do not get a 1099 each year (like a CD) and will not have to pay taxes on the growth.  Unless you withdraw it.
4. An Annuity has the ability to give you income for life, even if the contract runs out of money.
5. Most Fixed Indexed Annuities allow the owner to withdraw 10% of the value each year, this way you have liquidity.  An Annuity is simply a contract between you and an insurance company.

Please contact myself, Tom Gucciardi a 30 year veteran at 954-804-4381 for more information.

Thomas Gucciardi
CEO, Global Financial Group

Saturday, December 30, 2017


My name is Thomas Gucciardi.  I have 30 plus years of expertise in providing life insurance information.  The main confusion I find my clients having with life insurance is usually related to the premium.  Will it go up, down, etc.

The product that I feel is suitable for someone who can afford this type of product is a "lump sum premium"  with no more premiums required. The contract will pay a flat death benefit to your beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Therefore you know exactly how much you paid and how much your loved ones will receive, up front.  There are no surprises and it is a simple to get approved process.

Many people leave a CD valued at $100,000 to a child.  The smart financial move is to place $100,000 in a single premium contract and leave up to $200,000 tax free.  Of course the death benefit is created on your age and basic health at the time of the application.

Please call Thomas Gucciardi @ 954-804-4381 for more information.

Leave a Legacy.

Thomas Gucciardi