Saturday, December 30, 2017


My name is Thomas Gucciardi.  I have 30 plus years of expertise in providing life insurance information.  The main confusion I find my clients having with life insurance is usually related to the premium.  Will it go up, down, etc.

The product that I feel is suitable for someone who can afford this type of product is a "lump sum premium"  with no more premiums required. The contract will pay a flat death benefit to your beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Therefore you know exactly how much you paid and how much your loved ones will receive, up front.  There are no surprises and it is a simple to get approved process.

Many people leave a CD valued at $100,000 to a child.  The smart financial move is to place $100,000 in a single premium contract and leave up to $200,000 tax free.  Of course the death benefit is created on your age and basic health at the time of the application.

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Leave a Legacy.

Thomas Gucciardi