Friday, December 17, 2021


As the founder of Global Financial Group, Tom Gucciardi will go into detail the benefits of a Single Whole Life Contract.

1. leave a legacy behind to your beneficiaries.  If you are age 45 to 80 you may have funds that you do not plan on spending in your lifetime.  In this case a Single Premium Whole Life Contract will leave a tax-free legacy to your loved ones. One premium and you are done. No risk and full guarantees.

2. The underwriting (getting approved) is very simple, meaning all you have to do is speak with Tom Gucciardi at 954-804-4381.  Many insurance companies do not require any blood work or a nurse to visit your home.  A simple 15-minute phone conversation will get you approved.

3. The death benefit is massive compared to your initial deposit.  For instance, as of Dec 2021 a $100,000 single deposit for a female 65-year-old nonsmoker will get an immediate tax-free benefit of approximately $175,000.  That is an immediate 75% increase of tax-free money to your loved ones.  Nicotine users are eligible also.  Call Thomas Gucciardi at 954-804-4381.

4.  In ten years your guaranteed cash vale will be equal to your initial deposit in most cases.  You will be provided with a straightforward illustration.  So, if you do not pass away you may get your initial deposit back.  Free life insurance for 10 years.  After approximately 10 years, tax issues may come into play if you withdraw funds as this will be a M.E.C contract. All gains in your cash value over your initial deposit are subject to taxes.  (More on that to come in a future article.)  Or call Tom Gucciardi at Global Financial Group at 954-804-4381.  

5. A Single Premium Life Insurance contract is perfect for a person who wants a simple issued contract, large tax-free benefit.  It is designed for funds you do not plan on spending in your lifetime.

6. leverage your money with the guarantee of a tax-free death benefit.

Call Thomas Gucciardi at Global Financial Group at 954-804-4381

Thomas Gucciardi 954-804-4381

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