Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tax Free Life Insurance Is Common Sense, Thomas Gucciardi Global Financial Group

Thomas Gucciardi, Founder Global Financial Group

The one bet we can all count on is death. OK, I Thomas Gucciardi said it. Most of us have family’s or beneficiaries. Why would any American citizen not buy Life Insurance? The answer is usually “I do not care about my beneficiaries” or “I have enough money left for my children” The bottom line is the IRS is real. Life Insurance is the best way to leave tax free money to your loved ones. I, Thomas Gucciardi stand by this financial planning method.

I, Thomas Gucciardi, will coach you on what type of contract best suits you. It will depend on your age, health and finances. Life Insurance is available until you are in your late eighties. 

I will make sure you are insured with one of top rated insurance companies in the USA.

Single Premium Life contracts is a common way for a person to never have to think about a premium payment again.

Thomas Gucciardi, Founder Global Financial Group
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